Facial Aesthetics


Revitalise Your Face at Twenty Dental Care.

In the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes it gets impossible for us to take care of ourselves. Only when we stand across our mirror and notice fine lines appearing on our faces do we realise the problem at hand. If you are dealing with fine lines or wrinkles, Twenty Dental Care knows and understands what you are feeling. As we age, our body’s ability to produce elastin and collagen decreases, and as a result, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear on our faces.

However, there are other reasons your face may get wrinkles and fine lines, such as smoking, sun exposure, and lack of skincare routine. The good news is that YOU can minimise your wrinkles through facial aesthetic treatment. At Twenty Dental Care, you are at the forefront of your facial aesthetics. We work side by side with you to understand your precise needs and tailor our treatment plan accordingly. Rest assured; everything will be done according to your directions and satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about what we do at Twenty Dental Care.

Non-Surgical, Medically-Led Facial Aesthetic Solutions for a Natural, Glowing Look.

Our main priority in facial aesthetics is to make you feel comfortable in your skin. You should be able to feel like you, and at Twenty Dental Care, this drives us to provide tailored facial aesthetic solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

We provide non-surgical, medically-led anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers to plump your skin and even out your fine lines and wrinkles. If you are tired of seeing fine lines on your face and searching for “facial aesthetics near me,” Twenty Dental Care is here to help. Let’s discuss your facial aesthetics needs and help you revitalise your face the right way. Contact us today!