Teeth straightening

Twenty Dental Care clear aligners are used to straighten your teeth and to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. We use clear aligners to move your teeth so no braces, no wires, no brackets.

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Clear aligners for straightening teeth

alingers, clear braces and straight teeth

Teeth whitening worth £290 Included for free

£500 worth of retainers included

Beautiful teeth in as little as three months! why wait?

Interest free finance available

Have you ever felt embarrassed by your smile?

Do you have crooked teeth that you wish were straighter?

Why live with crooked teeth that make you unhappy when the solution is simple . . . Clear Aligners?
We use Now you can benefit from straight teeth through our range of quick and subtle orthodontic appliances

What are Clear aligners?

Clear aligners are used to straighten your teeth, they are more clear, discreet and virtually invisible. Smooth and comfortable, they can be easily removed and cleaned.

Can you eat with Clear Aligner?

You can eat anything you want.

Are Clear Aligners effective?

Yes. Each aligner is bespoke to you, which is important to create your own personal smile. The aligners will shift your teeth gradually to the desired position over time.

Does it work permanently?

Yes, You will be given retainers after treatment that help to keep you teeth in their desired position

are Clear Aligners suitable for me?

When you attend for your consultation, the right treatment option will be discussed. After taking a series of photos and evaluating your smile any oral health issues, such as cavities or gum disease will have to be resolved before teeth straightening can begin. It all depends on your own teeth and the dentist will discuss if they think you are a good candidate.

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